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A History of Rock n' Roll in Film and Rock n' Roll

Oct 20, 2023

Damn right, I'm doing my "White Zombie" episode just before Halloween! I never had too much of a plan for when I was going to produce this one, because I knew it would be another massive undertaking as well as another "way more history of the band than the movie" situation.
If this is your first episode of the show, WELCOME! I want you to know this is probably the coolest band that ever existed for me. I've been bonkers over them since my best friend Eli let me borrow his cassette of "La Sexorcisto" back in 1992. I genuinely did not understand why everyone in the universe did not love this band as much as I did from 92-98. Here's what we'll cover today: 

Sean’s early years in ballet and art classes, as well as an amazing summary of her WZ career after the fact (more on her musical influence on the band next episode)

The beginning and ending of Sean’s relationship with Rob

Rob’s early entertainment influences and work on “Pee-Wee’s Playhouse”

Jay’s tales of the NYC recording of La Sexorcisto, how he managed to not starve, and Ivan De Prume getting paid fifty bucks to do a drum roll for Savatage

Bela Lugosi’s emigration from Hungary to New Orleans and up northward to Broadway, and westard to Hollywood

The horrific violence after WW1 that forced Bela out of his home country - The Red Terror vs The White Terror, 1917-1919

The many themes and tropes of the “White Zombie” film that resonated with American audiences in 1932

A 1990 interview with Rob from a black & white zine

Sean’s relationship with Al Jourgensen, and his supposed, alleged, confrontation with Rob that maybe totally might have partially happened

A 1994 guitar extravaganza featuring Jay Yuenger and John Christ of Danzig featuring my very professional voice acting

And WAY MORE of course, because you can see the running time of this thing is bloated and engorged like any decent Soul Crushing Psycho-Head Blowout in Pig Heaven should be!

 And this, my friends, is only part ONE. UNO. EIN. UNE. WAHID. UNA. IKA. BIR.

Get Sean's book and other stuff here

My source for J's narrative, his old blog. Picture links currently broken as all hell

1990 Propaganda profile featuring White Zombie, Danzig, Soundgarden, Faith No More

Fun extra videos for Zombie fans!

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