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A History of Rock n' Roll in Film and Rock n' Roll

Jul 27, 2022

Warning: Tons of F-Bombs from your host in this one.

Julie Roberts & Justine Bateman portrayed members of band managed by Liam Neeson, along with Britta Phillips at the tail end of her tenure as the lead vocalist of TV's "Jem & The Holograms" (which I think merits its own episode, soon). Meanwhile, the Go-Go's get together in the late 70s L.A. punk scene, tour the UK, come home, get signed and through touring with The Police and getting on MTV, they become huge 80s megastars and inspirations to a kajillion young women and girls of that era. I draw from B&W punk zines, Belinda's memoirs, 1 of 2 documentaries and real time recordings of me and some pals watching "Satisfaction" a year and a half ago that I'd be saving for this episode. Because damn it, that f**king movie is impossible for me to find anywhere now, so I knew I wouldn't get a second chance to react to it or explain it.

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