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A History of Rock n' Roll in Film and Rock n' Roll

Nov 30, 2023

Hey goons! Welcome back to the 2nd part of my Zombie exploration! You'll hear more tales from Jay Yuenger and Sean Yseult about the early years, some guitar geek stuff about Jay's gear, explorations of the characters and themes found in "White Zombie" the film, interviews with White Zombie from the early/mid 90's and a...

Oct 20, 2023

Damn right, I'm doing my "White Zombie" episode just before Halloween! I never had too much of a plan for when I was going to produce this one, because I knew it would be another massive undertaking as well as another "way more history of the band than the movie" situation.
If this is your first episode of the show,...

Sep 26, 2023

Sometimes reading autobiographies leads to great (or just mild) disappointment and no great use for a normal episode of the show. In today's case, I refuse to be the only person who is disappointed, nay INCONVENIENCED, by the works of Nikki Sixx, Flea, and Dave Ellefson. None of these sources that I sought out will...

Sep 13, 2023

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Sep 4, 2023

Just in time for the time that it is in your life right now at this moment, here comes part four of the ongoing Van Halen saga with Eddie, Alex, Dave, Sammy, Michael, Noel, Valerie and many others! This episode takes you through:

  • Multiple POVs on the US Festival debacle. Or triumph, depending on your level of...